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What is CybrHome?

Search + Discovery Engine

CybrHome makes searching and discovering top content of the internet easier than ever. Using CybrHome, one can find out top websites, blogs, apps and more for any given purpose, topic or category. CybrHome also keeps you recommending the best of the web based on your interests and personality.


CybrHome lets you find out the best stuff - websites, apps and more for any given purpose, topic or category.


CybrHome introduces you to amazing websites, apps and more that you wouldn't have found on your own.

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CybrHome for Developers

CybrHome is a HTML5 WebApp publishing platform where HTML5 Developers can publish apps for people. We ourselves publish and maintain many webapps for CybrHome and we invite all HTML5 WebApp Developers to publish their apps on CybrHome.

Advantages of publishing your apps on CybrHome platform.

  • Free to publish, free hosting and support
  • CybrHome traffic flows to your WebApp
  • Monetization and Partnerships Opportunities

CybrHome Apps

Some cool HTML5 web apps built by CybrHome

cybrhome desk

An online desktop with pre installed apps and widgets

cybrhome widget

An online dashboard with multiple search bars and games

cybrhome search

A portal to earn cashback while shopping from online retailers

cybrhome startpage

Experience the online version of windows 8 startscreen

cybrhome litetab

A new tab page built using minimal design philosophy

cybrhome newtab page

A newtab page that offers a metro styled startscreen.

What people say about Cybrhome?

  • "CybrHome, an ultra fast homepage where you can visit your favorite webpages without typing the URLs"

    -tech aaloo

  • "Outstanding - extremely flexible & customized , wide choice of themes, sites. Easiest way to get rid of those blank thumbnails."


  • "Absolutely brilliant. I was looking for this exact type of homepage for God knows how long - I was even considering creating my own personal web page and filling it with my links . It also looks great - very similar to the new Windows 8 look."


  • "This extension has saved my time!Now I can visit my favorite websites without typing the complete urls..."


  • "Its the best new tab extension i have seen till date for firefox. Awesome metro design , time savvy and 'no ads'. deserves perfect 5 star"


Join Us in making CybrHome better :)

As of now we are focusing more on our CybrHome project. We are inclined towards people who are interested in working with us in order to extend the capabilities of CybrHome, and passionate for making it an overwhelming experience for users. We have got a list of things that should be added on CybrHome and we are looking for talented, creative and dedicated people who can do the same for us.